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Hovey Williams has been involved in the procurement, preparation and administration of Chinese herbs since 1993. He has studied in the US and in China, and has additionally received extensive private tutelage under two different Grandmaster Herbalists.

Clients receive formulas custom-made for their conditions, expertly crafted from the highest quality ingredients. Whenever possible, our ingredients are tested to meet the highest GMP standards.

In most cases the herbs are administered in liquid form. A few drops are placed on the tongue three times each day. This method is very convenient for busy people on the go. In some cases, pills or capsules may be prepared instead.

Chinese herbs are used to adjust the "qi" or energy of the body. When the client's energy is adjusted, it is believed that the physical body is in a better position to heal, which it often then does.



Chinese herbs have been around for 3800 years. They have a proven track record of being powerful and effective in restoring wellness.

Chinese herbs are prepared from natural ingredients, and are safe when administered properly. It is very rare for side effects to be reported.

Although the FDA has classified Chinese herbal "medicines" as food and dietary supplements, clients routinely state that their medical and psychological conditions are concurrently improved when they use Chinese herbs.