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Modern medicine is turning more and more to energy as a healing modality. The US federal government has done extensive research on energy healing and come to recognize why millions of people pursue it.

Hovey Williams has trained in many forms of energy healing, and has been practicing energy healing for sixteen years. He founded the Mission Energy Healing Institute, and has trained Professional Energy Healers internationally. He published the book Energy Healing for Everyone in June of 2009. He has written curriculum for more than 40 courses in the field of energy healing. He wrote a Code of Ethics for the profession, and has been instrumental in developing protocols for addressing several types of common client problems. He has addressed the needs of clients with many different types of problems from all walks of life.

What is a typical session like?

The patient remains clothed and is not touched during treatment. Energy healing helps the client's body to heal itself so the client can become well.

He also has specialized experince working with animals, including horses, and developed an effective approach for healing the energy bodies of horses who are experiencing equine protozoal meningitis (EPM).



Energy Healing
Energy healing is safe and effective when done by a trained professional.